This screen presents you with all client 'cases' that you have worked on in the period specified by the start and end date fields.

A significant difference between Ivo and the DEX is that ivo is issue based, while the DEX is case based (where one or more issues and inquiries are all grouped under a single 'case').  This is further complicated by the fact that a client gets a separate case for every combination of Funding Source/Program and Organisation Outlet - yikes!

With Ivo we have tried to hide the 'case' layer from our users, however in order to meet the DEX Partnership Approach data requirements, there are two data elements that are necessary to capture at the 'case' level. They are the Referral Source, and the Referral Reasons.

This screen allows you to quickly complete those data elements for all your client 'cases'.  To do this you will see an entry for every Funding Source/Program that a client of yours has received a relevant service under.  Thus, if you are assisting a client with both a Disability Royal Commission matter, and an NDIS Appeal, you will see the client listed twice - once for each of these programs.

  1. Use the top section to set options, for the most part these can be left as they are. 
    1. Choose Dates
    2. Choose Funding Sources
    3. Choose the Activity Type(s) (in other screens more options will be visible)
    4. If you are an Ivo Administrator there are two additional options -
      1. Show completed cases - by default, the cases displayed are those that are incomplete.  Selecting this option will cause all cases, both complete and incomplete, to be shown.
      2. Show cases for all staff - by default, only your own cases are shown. Selecting this option causes all cases for all staff to be shown (according to the other criteria that has been set).
  2. Select the case record to complete
  3. Choose the Referral Source
  4. Select the Referral Reasons. You can select multiple referral reasons, however please note that the DEX also requires one of the reasons to be set as the 'primary' reason.  Therefore the first item you select will be set as the 'primary' one and will be displayed in bold.  If you de-select the current 'primary' reason Ivo will select the first selected item in the list to be the 'primary' reason.  You can change the 'primary' reason at any time by holding the Shift key down while clicking a subsequent item.  

To assist in determining these values, the full client record is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.