2022 - July

New Features!

  • Ivo now archives all entity and activity data when a record is deleted (including for example, contacts, contact details, relationships, stats, DEX SCOREs and referrals etc) making recovery a fairly simple process.  In the near future there will be a dedicated function for recovering records.

    Additionally, deleting entities now requires a more rigorous confirmation -

  • For some time, queries have had the ability to show additional data for a selected record, such as entity, activity, and file note details, or stats, as shown here -

    ... this has now been extended to show a full entity record, an individual activity record, or the file notes for an activity.

    This provides a lot of flexibility in the use of queries, from reviewing data to creating workflows (eg. a staff member starts a record after which it appears on a manager's dashboard for approval).

  • A new "Close old records" function that can be run from query results -

    Note, a query needs to have a specific setting turned on for this menu option to appear.

    The query shown above - "Old records needing to be closed" - can be imported from the Administration\Query Tree screen.

DEX Improvements

  • Unique icons for each review screen, improving the visual appearance and making specific screens much easier to find -

  • New DEX review screen - Clients Without SCOREs (it's the second last icon in the image above)

  • New setting for Ivo administrators to automatically turn the "for all staff" option on in the various DEX  review screens. This is turned on by default and can be changed in the preferences screen -

  • Improvements to Records Without File Notes, NDAP topic, Service Type, NDIS Appeal Type, and Region review screens - these have been simplified and the speed of the queries increased (this will be most noticeable for the "Records Without File Notes" screen)

Bug Fixes

  • DEX - fixed instances where the DEX SCORE warning icon on the Manage Clients screen didn't display correctly
  • DEX - fixed issue where SCORE domains weren't correctly hidden for DRC funded records
  • Stats - fixed issue where Ivo was prompting for stat values while checking data
  • File Notes - fixed issue when editing an existing file note with incomplete mandatory fields - a message was shown saying the fields needed to be completed, but then the form closed and any other changes were lost.

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