2022 - May

This release is predominantly a "rollup" of all the minor updates released since Jan-2022 as well as several new features and improvements.

New Features!

  • The new QDAP report has been added to Ivo (first added in Jan-2022 v22.1.4)
  • Added options to export attachments for a file note, an activity, or the client. You can export the attachments for a single file note by right-clicking on it -
    You can export all the attachments for a single activity from the Service History tab by first Viewing All Attachments, then clicking the "Export Attachments" link -
    Lastly you can export all attachments for the client, across all their activities, from the All File Notes tab by first Viewing All Attachments, then clicking the "Export Attachments" link -

  • New buttons for Citizen Advocacy - "Matches by Protege" and "Matches by Advocate"
    You can turn these buttons on in the Administration\General Settinigs screen -


  • DEX - the score indicator on the manage clients screen has been updated to show clients with no SCOREs at all, and clients with no score in the current period, with a "Cross" meaning the client does not have any SCOREs recorded, and an "Exclamation Mark" meaning the client has at least one SCORE in a previous period, but none in the current reporting period.
    Note, Ivo bases its period on Feb-Jul, and Aug-Jan. This is so that in January the exclamation mark is shown if the client doesn't have a SCORE in the preceding Jul-Dec period, and similarly for July.

  • 'Restricted Access' function now correctly excludes restricted notes in the 'All File Notes' tab
  • Updated printing of file notes to include File Note ID and list of files attached to the file note
  • Vic DHS report: added option to include All Clients in Q6i - Time Spent
  • Added option to make the Cultural Background field be displayed as mandatory
  • Queries
    • improved the import feature by making the navigation a table instead of a dropdown list making it much easier to find the desired query. Also added functions so that you only see the queries relevant to you, so we can now release queries to an individual organisation, or to "NDAP funded" organisations etc.  So NDAP organisations can now download the query to extract email addresses for the DSS Survey (May 2022) (once the update has been installed in your organisation of course)  -
    • made the Administration\Queries button fully accessible so that Ivo Administrators are able to import queries and control who is able to view a query, change the name of the query etc -
    • added "Email results to myself" button to the Reporting\Queries screen. When exporting a query you can be prompted whether to email the report to yourself, this function just removes the step of exporting and choosing a file name. Ivo automatically determines a file name based on the name of the query and emails the file to you - all in a single click.
  • Improvements to the locking and force close functions in Ivo 
    • You are now able to unlock Ivo, and end the "Force Close", however when you unlock Ivo, the force close function is also turned off automatically
    • When locking or force closing Ivo, you can now provide a brief message that will be displayed to staff (eg. "Ivo is being upgraded")

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with attaching files with path and file names longer than 255 characters
  • DEX: Fixed bug related to 'Reason for Assistance' element
  • DEX: Fixed bug in DEX report related to Service Setting field
  • Minor fix to uncommon issue with Waiting List/Intake stats
  • Fixed bug causing stats to not be saved when declining a waiting list/intake record

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