2022 - January

DEX Preferred Partnership Approach Fields - File Notes

DEX, DEX, DEX, DEX, DEX ... this update is all about the DSS Data Exchange.

All DEX data required for the 'Partnership Approach' has now been added to old-Ivo - 

  • At the case level, 
    • Referral Source and Reasons for Assistance
  • At the session level
    • the Service Setting and Interpreter Present fields
    • recording Referrals out and the Referral Purpose
    • recording Community/Group SCOREs

Expanded DEX Tools

If you wish to include this new data in the Jul-Dec 2021 DEX report, you can use the new 'DEX Tools' to quickly complete the data for past records.  The new tools are -

  • Case Review - presents all 'cases' that the advocate has worked on in the period.  The key difference between Ivo and the DEX is that Ivo has always been issue based, whereas the DEX is case based.  This presents quite a few challenges for us as we have tried to keep the extra 'case' layer invisible in Ivo so that from the advocate's point of view, Ivo continues to work as it always has.  The case review presented some particular issues and so at this point, the only way to complete the 'Referral Source' and 'Reasons for Assistance', which are reported at the case level to the DEX, is through this screen.  The entity record is displayed on this screen to make it easy to review the client's records.
  • Region Review - Quickly identify and resolve Activity records with a missing Region value
  • Referrals Review - Quickly find file notes where a referral was made by searching for keywords (eg. "Referral to") and create the necessary referrral record(s).  An important note here is that the DEX only allows for a single internal and single external referral to be reported as part of any one session.
  • Interpreter Present Review - Quickly set all file notes to either 'No' and the search for keywords to change the small number of records where an interpreter was actually present
  • Service Setting Review - Again by searching for keywords, quickly find file notes where the service was provided by telephone, in-person, email etc, and change bulk records in an instant
  • Records without File Notes - Quickly find any advocacy issues in the period that have not had a file note added.  You can add a file note directly from this screen.

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