2021 - January

Improved management of DEX Assessments (SCOREs)

Significant improvements have been made to the management of DEX Assessments (SCOREs), most notably being there is now a dedicated "DEX SCOREs" tab -

Dedicated "DEX SCOREs" tab on Manage Clients screen

Please read the "DEX SCORE's tab" article for full details.

See most recent answers when completing a new DEX Assessment (SCORE)

Please read the "Viewing most recent answers" article for full details.

Customise DEX SCORE headings

You can now customise the value headings for the DEX Assessments.  This can be done dependent on whether you are adding a pre or post score.

Customise DEX SCORE domain visibility

The DEX "Program Specific Guidelines" describe which SCORE domains are required for the different programs.  You can now set this up in Ivo as well.  

Other changes

New notifications

  • When an activity is assigned to another staff member, the other staff member receives a notification
  • When an activity is taken away from a staff member, that staff member receives a notification

Email to self functions

  • When running reports: the first time you run a report after installing this update you will be asked if you want Ivo to ask you each time a report is run, whether you would like a copy emailed to you.
  • Button in help and support tab: you can use the "Email a file to myself" button on the Help and Support tab to do exactly that. This is mostly useful when you are using Ivo on a remote server -

setup this up in Ivo

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